My Dog Groomer

Dog Grooming North Lakes

The Bow Wow Meow Pet Grooming team are professional groomers offering top-quality grooming services in fantastic value packages. We are here to help with all your pet grooming needs—perfect clean dog wash, fluff drying, small trims to full styling for

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Best Cat Groomer Near Me

Cat Grooming North Lakes

  At Bow Wow Meow, we are specialists in Cat Grooming; our staff have extensive experience in cat grooming with more than 40 years of combined practice.  Our Cat Groomers ensure the safety, security and comfort of your furry feline. 

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Best Dog Wash North Lakes

Best Dog Wash North Lakes

  At Bow Wow Meow Pet Grooming, we are a professional dog grooming salon that offers a range of dog wash services, from a Bath and Towel Dry to a full Double Coat De-shed. Our professional, caring groomers would love

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Are you looking for the best dog grooming and cat grooming salon in North Lakes?

You have found us. Welcome to Bow Wow Meow Pet Grooming. We are a professional pet grooming salon that provides a calm and relaxed environment for your pet to remain confident, happy and ready to be pampered.

Our team are dedicated animal lovers, we have experienced staff and have developed and refined our unique grooming techniques over many years, aiming to minimise anxiety and to give both you and your pet the best possible grooming experience.

We offer a range of dog grooming services from full grooms that we call “The Works”, a pampering dog wash service either with a blow dry or a towel dry, nail clipping, doggy facials, paw treatments, deshedding treatments and more.

At Bow Wow Meow Pet Grooming we have years of experience in breed clips and pet clips from West Highland White Terrier Grooming, Poodle Grooming (Toy, Miniature & Standard), Schnauzer Grooming (Miniature, Standard & Giant), Pomeranian Grooming, Cavoodle Grooming, Labradoodle Grooming and most of all we like to provide a happy dog grooming service.

Our professional cat grooming services include clipping, bath, blow dry, brush outs and nail clipping. The most popular service we provide for our feline clients is “Puss in Boots”, this removes all the coat from the cats’ body leaving the head, tail and legs. We can also just clip underneath, clip the back legs or clip out knots. Call us on 0404 165399 to discuss the best option for your cat.